Here at Kamal Sewing Machines, we make sure that anybody who has any problem with sewing machines can call us and we can help. Whether you need a commercial sewing machine repaired or replaced to help your business move to the next level, or you want a sewing machine for use at home, we provide and repair ALL kinds of sewing machines for everybody's situation. Our staff are thoroughly experienced and can help the most creative embroiderers and haberdashers to achieve their vision.



All machines repaired

We recognise that there is nothing more frustrating than having your sewing machine disabled and unable to use. Our 30 years plus of experience means we can fix your sewing machine quickly and easily using our huge supply of spare parts and suppliers. Ensure you can get your machine back working, be it for home machines, bigger commercial machines or machines in schools and colleges.

Domestic and industrial sewing machines

We are fully certified to provide and repair all your machines. All major manufacturers are stocked including Singer, Brother, Pegasus, Toyota, and many many more. We can provide spare parts for your machines so you never have to suffer any downtime. Also available are new and reconditioned machines.



Our extensive range of haberdashery products mean that for all your sewing needs, you only need to visit our shop. We also provide patterns for budding embroiderers' or if you need some embroidery done, our staff and machines can help. If you have a particular need or something out of the ordinary, don't worry, we specialise in getting those difficult jobs done.


We supply embroiderer's with all the equipment and sewing patterns necessary to continue their hobby or business in style. We supply all kinds of sewing patterns such as Mccalls and Butterick patterns and can give you plenty of pointers to help you on your way. Want to give embroidery a go but don't know where to start? We can help you get started, providing all the bits and bobs and some instructions. We'll have you creating tapestries in no time!


Our Shop

Come and see us work

Interested in seeing us work? Want to pick up some tips? Come to our shop and experience the expertise and soak up the atmosphere. Let it inspire your creative juices or find out more about that tricky technique that's giving you trouble.
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